LOGILINK – Adjustable Tabletop Monitor Riser Logilink BP0140

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The perfect ergonomic workspace! The collapsible construction allows you to adjust the width (420/470/520 mm) according to your needs. A keyboard and mouse can be placed at the bottom of the metal and plastic stand. The special feature of the LogiLink monitor riser is the built-in drawer design in combination with the holder for Smartphone and iPad. So even small objects find their place cleanly and organized.Raise your monitor or notebook to a comfortable viewing position
For a better posture and to relieve your neck
Collapsible construction, possible width: 420/470/520 mm
High quality metal and plastic stand
Anti-slip pads prevent slipping and protect your desk
Built-in drawer design in combination with a holder for Smartphone and iPad
Bottom side offers space to store keyboard and mouse
Provides storage space for desk items
Weight capacity: 25 kg
Color: Black
General product data:
Weight: 1.3 kg
Height: 8 cm
Width: 20 cm
Length: 52 cm